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Unobstructed views to your horizon

Purple lookout tower on mountain

The experience

Partnership aligned to your strengths from the comfort of home or work

Lookout Coaching serves clients seeking workplace performance, career, and emerging leader coaching. The coaching journey provides a judgement-free forum to discover inner potential, challenge assumptions of oneself, and act to transform. Clients include any professional looking to evolve some aspect of individual presence and effect.

Clients arrive at each session with a topic to explore, which the coach guides via focused and powerful questions. Clients explore and examine ideas identified and conclusions reached via reflection and "homework" in the period between sessions. Successful clients are excited to put in the work required to realize the changes they seek.

Purple compass to reflect exploration


Take an introspective look that examines the questions you want to answer across untold paths.

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Dig into the "what" and consider beyond the present to get to wherever you want to be.

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Give yourself a break and celebrate the opportunity for connection among humans.

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Build clarity and direction toward the change you want to realize and how you want to get there.

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Honor and reinforce the strengths and skills you've developed through life's experiences.

Purple lines regressing to center from the left and thicker lines expanding out from center to the right to reflect transformation


Realize your progression to the vision you've created and change you've accomplished.

Purple lookout tower on mountain

The process

Structure for your topical focus

Lookout Coaching offers clients a 10-session package to explore their topic, develop goals and strategies, and have sufficient time to work on and learn from their discoveries. Each session is 1 hour in length and generally scheduled every 2-3 weeks. All sessions use Zoom so clients can confidentially discuss their topic from a private location most comfortable to them.Clients will be offered "homework" in the form of activities, reflection, and learning following each session. Homework provides clients opportunities to internalize their session experiences, try out and evaluate their ideas, and to hold themselves accountable to their commitments.Individuals ready to begin coaching will receive a coaching agreement and session scheduling information. Payment is required in full prior to the first session (major credit cards and ACH accepted). Scott offers a 10% discount to all public servants and special rates for enrolled college students and recent graduates. He is only accepting a limited number of new clients for select evening and weekend sessions at this time.Scott also offers a complimentary 30-minute consult and Q&A session for anyone still deciding if they're ready for coaching.

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The coach

Facilitating curiosity and self-discovery

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Meet Scott

A career public servant with nearly a quarter century of diverse experiences and opportunities
had across the nation, Scott Swanson discovered his passion to coach in early 2023.
Little did he know that his career journey was exactly what he needed to gain the perspective, education, and countless lessons learned that fuel his adoration for the power of relationship, vulnerability, and wellbeing.His life's adventures have taken him from one side of the U.S. to the other and halfway back again. Scott is a father, husband, and sucker for rescue dogs. He holds degrees from Arizona State University and Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. He also earned a certificate in leadership and performance coaching through Brown University's School of Professional Studies.Scott's is an International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach.Learn more about Scott via LinkedIn. Causes Scott's into:

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The commitment

Powerful questions --> Self discovery --> Endless opportunity

Trust <--> Partnership

Coaching is a partnership that you drive. That's right, a coach can't make you change or do anything different. Instead, coaches guide clients via powerful questions that stoke their curiosity to support deeper understanding and consideration of challenges faced and opportunities ahead. Clients are accountable only to themselves, and they must have the mindset, willingness, and dedication to follow through on their discoveries.Coaching isn't therapy, consulting, or mentoring, though it harnesses the spirit of self reflection and connection among humans. Clients will find the most value from a coaching relationship when they've made the decision to invest in their individual development and transformation, meaning they want to be present and are committed to acting on their vision.An effective coaching partnership must exist upon an ethical foundation of professionalism, trust, and confidentiality. As a member of the International Coaching Federation, Scott is committed to practicing and upholding the organization's values and demonstrating his pledge to its ethical expectations.Whether you're ready to begin your coaching journey or are just trying to understand what's out there, clients should explore ICF's resources to understand all that coaching partnerships offer to find the coach and style that works best for them. Scott commits to being respectful, present, upfront, and genuine in client partnerships.

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Let's connect

Ready to schedule your first session? Just want to talk it out a bit more? Interested in a 30-minute discussion to see if this is right for you? Fantastic! Use the below form to begin the connection. Scott will reach back to you within 1-2 business days.

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